What are the Non-Negotiables During Your Home Search?

During the home search, every buyer should be aware of the non-negotiables. While these options may look different from buyer to buyer, they are important to consider!

Non-negotiables are factors about the house that a buyer will not compromise on. These could be closet space, or even a pool in the yard. Some of the most common non-negotiables are:

1. Neighborhood: While this is often a home feature that is overlooked, it is arguably one of the most important. The neighborhood that a new home is in could potentially make or break the homebuying experience. There may not be enough parking, or the properties in the neighborhood are being neglected, which brings down the value of the home. Before purchasing a home, all buyers should consider what their non-negotiables are in the neighborhood.

2. Location: The location of your home matters just as much as the neighborhood! Property values will change over time. Before purchasing a home, consider where you are working, and if you will want to live in this spot in the next five years. 

3. Home Features: Every buyer’s idea of a dream home may be different. For some buyers, the home features that are non-negotiables are things like living room size, or even square footage. During the home search, all buyers should establish what their non-negotiables are to help find their perfect dream home! Whether your non-negotiables are the amount of closet space you need or the perfect mudroom for your family,  it is important to find out what you won’t compromise on!

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