How to Navigate a Seller’s Market

The progression into a seller’s market can feel rocky. With this unprecedented shift, there are many realtors, buyers, and sellers experiencing new territory. While we are heading into the fall market, it is important to prepare yourself accordingly if you are thinking of buying a home!

Here are a few ways to navigate a seller’s market as a buyer:

Find an Experienced Realtor: While this shift into a seller’s market is unprecedented, an experienced realtor is well-connected and can aid your home search more than a new one will be able to. This can provide access to properties through connections, especially if they have a good relationship with other agents in the area.

Get Your Finances in Order: Before you can consider making an offer, your finances must be ready, and you must have the necessary paperwork. This includes mortgage pre-approval, proof of funds, and the down payment in hand. In a seller’s market, you may need to make a quick decision and it is important to be prepared when the opportunity appears!

Find out Your Non-Negotiables: When you are ready to search for a home, it is crucial to find out what your must haves are, and what you are willing to compromise on. This can make your search a lot easier! Location, home features, and price are all things to consider.

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