Coldwell Banker Ranked #1

In a recent evaluation of web traffic by the global leaders in digital measurement (Nielsen and comScore Media Matrix), Coldwell Banker websites and Coldwell Banker branded websites rated No. 1 out of all real estate franchisors for the second year in a row. Coldwell Banker websites had over 17.5 million unique visitors during the year 2011, which far outpaced the nearest competitor by almost 4 million visitors. The nearest competitor had 13.7 unique visitors, which is 28 percent less than Coldwell Banker websites. When it comes to Coldwell Banker branded websites the gap between Coldwell Banker and the nearest competitor is just as wide: Coldwell Banker branded websites had 26.1 unique visitors in 2011, while the nearest competitor had 21.6 million visitors, a difference of 21 percent.

What all of this data shows is that when people are looking to buy or sell a home they immediately think of Coldwell Banker and the unique tools, as well as excellent customer service and satisfaction, that the Coldwell Banker name provides. Coldwell Banker continues to make its websites the go-to destination for those looking to enter into the real estate market.

Encinitas Realtor Linda Moore is proud to be a member of the Coldwell Banker family in Encinitas and provide the dedication, experience, resources, knowledge and professionalism that the Coldwell Banker name is known for.

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