Eight Window Options While Remodeling


Do you windows need a facelift? When you’re trying to market your real estate in San Diego, a stellar decision to make is changing the style of your windows.

The idea sounds all fine and dandy, but you can’t get involved with this if you don’t know what you’re doing. According to Home and Garden Television (HGTV), they have eight different styles of window to assist you make your final decision on what windows to install.

Double-Hung Windows: With two sashes to slide up and down on the frame vertically, these windows could also open from the top or the bottom. The frames don’t project outside or inside of the home. When using a single-hung window, only the bottom half is mobile. Having the choice of the two to move on a double-hung window is much more convenient and modern.

Casement Windows: This window has the ability to open and close by the turning of a crank to use this mechanism. Depending on what side they’re hinged from, they could open outward towards the exterior of the San Diego real estate.

Awning Windows: This style obtains a hinge at the top of the window. These awning windows open towards the outside and could allow air to pass through the bottom, the left or the right. They are perfect to be constructed underneath and/or to the side of an operating or stationary window.

Picture Window: Just picture perfect for San Diego real estate. These windows are stationary; however with the multiple scenic views of San Diego, it’s great for adding ambience to your home. This is also a perfect choice for not only your outdoor, panoramic views, but increases the natural lighting in your home.

Transom Window: This style is a narrow window that sits on top of a door or over hangs a window that opens to the exterior (like the casement windows). These windows are supplementary just to let in more light and more air. However, there is also the option of non-operational transom windows as well.

Slider Windows: The function of the slider windows are like that of the double-hung windows. The key different is that the sliding function moves horizontal, unlike the double-hung window that slides vertically.

Stationary Windows: It’s in the name, these things don’t move. However the feature of these windows is that they could be installed at various angles of the San Diego real estate, and also the shape doesn’t matter.

Bay or Bow Windows: With windows like these, it embodies a vintage aspect to your homes. The style of this construction, the windows protrude from the home, as well as provide more interior for the real estate as well. Many times these windows carry double-hung or casement window attached to the side.

Bay Windows

By Linda Moore

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