Nature Walk in Encinitas

My home in Encinitas is rather close to the beauty of the ocean.  One of my favorite stops is at San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve, where you can view natural wildlife featuring over 250 species of birds.  Frequent sightings of blue herons, coots and terns are reported in this area.  In addition, several miles of walking trails are available to adventurous visitors, which is perfect for late afternoon strolls.  Because this site is undeveloped, restrooms and picnic areas are not available on the premises, however facilities may be found at the nearby park.  This place has so many species of birds that you can spend hours and hours photographing them.  Right now there are American white pelicans roosting and they just seem to stand around like they’re waiting for a bus!  There are Canadian geese that stop off during their annual migration, and there are a few deer feeding in the evening up closer to the college.  The loop trail is pretty and the nature center is informative in case you’d like to learn more about the birds and other wildlife in the park.  While you’re there, take the loop trail along the edge of the lagoon.  Stop, look and listen for a while, or bring a good book along with!  I like the beautiful scenery and the great ocean view from the hills.  Any nature lover with a home in Encinitas really needs to take a trip to San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve!

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