Continue The Scares Before Fright Night with More Movies

Watching those classic horror films really allow you to appreciate the computer generated graphics of today’s society. Although original, and scary, sometimes old movies can seem boring and bland compared to the special effects found in recent films. To get the original movie plot and theme, but upgrade to the death-defying effects, remakes of the classics are always intriguing. To continue the scares into your Encinitas home tonight, here is a list of the top remakes and recent films. Can you think of any films you would like to see remade?

5. Psycho – 1998 – Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho was remade with Vince Vaughn, who can be extremely creepy if given the role. Nowadays we think of Vince as the quarky relationship guy who brings his sarcasm to the screen. Not in this one. A young Vince is the disturbed Norman Bates, living out his mother’s wishes of finding the right girl.

4. Halloween – 2007 – A lonely, insane boy becomes a revengeful man and constantly searches for the spiritual healing he will never find. Rob Zombie Brings to life the 1978 classic with modern sound and visual effects, while recreating the childhood and life of Michael Myers. The aficionado of horror films, Rob Zombie, takes the darkness and gore to a new level in this one.

3. The Last House on the Left – 2009 – A family’s summer home is plagued by a murderous gang of fugitives. To protect their only remaining child, the parent’s become the opposite of their moral and ethical lives. I remember this 1972 film to have terrible lighting and sound, and extremely gruesome and disturbing scenes. This remake takes the awe down a notch but still gets the point across with advanced visual and audio effects. I still had to cover my eyes at some parts, but they were definitely more dramatic than disgusting.

2. The Ring – 2002 – Originating from Japan, and getting great reviews, the American remake of the version is one of my personal favorites. The suspense of the future fate of certain individuals who watch a video, pushes one lady to get to the bottom of the mystery.

1.The Crazies – 2010 – When a mass attack of a biohazard is released on a small country town, one by one of its inhabitants start to go crazy. The Sheriff fights his way to stay alive to find the cause of the craziness.  Will all his loved ones and friends go crazy too?

Hopefully you will get your fill of indoor scares with these movies.  Make your home in Encinitas seem like a dungeon, crypt, or cemetary with quick tips for creating a haunted house in upcoming posts.  And don’t forget to stop by Coldwell Banker and greet your Encinitas Real Estate Agent Linda Moore.

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