Five Things to Do in Your 20s to Buy a Home in Your 30s

Your twenties are quite the tumultuous decade. A lot of changes take place in your twenties and a majority of these things help very practically in preparing you for your thirties and the many passages in true adulthood that that age represents. Many people to wish to own their first home in their thirties and although that may seem like a distant future if you are in your twenties, there are many things you can to in order to prepare that will make the entire home buying process far easier when the time comes. Here are five great tips from Apartment Therapy:


1. Work on Your Credit Score

In order to buy a home, you will need a good credit score so you can spend your twenties improving your score since it can’t be fixed overnight. It’s better to start early. Obtain your credit report and correct any mistakes you find then, slowly and over time, make consistent payments and lower your balances.


2. Open Another Line of Credit

Obtaining another credit card could significantly help improve your credit report since multiple lines of good credit are far better than just one. And, if you don’t overuse the new card, then your unused balance will increase.


3. Open a Separate Savings Account

Open a separate savings account with a higher interest rate and add little by little whenever you are able. Keep the access out of sight so you won’t be tempted to use that saved money. This will be the start of your down payment. So, you force yourself to save, try automating your savings.


4. Take a Homebuyer Education Course

If you are in need of a down payment assistance program, then you will be mandated to take one of these classes. However, it can be an incredibly helpful option for all first-time homebuyers so they might learn all the ins and outs of the home buying process.


5. Figure Out What You Need

Take this time before actually buying a home to determine and hone in on what you really want in your future and, therefore, out of your future home. Will you have kids? How many bedrooms or bathrooms do you want? Do you want a lot of outdoor space? Do you cook a lot? Need a gourmet kitchen? Ask yourself all these questions so you will find exactly what you want.


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