5 Tips on How to Make Your House Plants Last the Winter

While your houseplants may be inside, they are not immune to the challenges of winter! A temperature controlled environment can help your plants thrive. However, it will take a green thumb to keep your plants from the stress factors that winter brings.

In order to keep your house plants alive in the winter, you may need to modify their care! Consider these 5 tips on how to keep your house plants alive during the winter season.

  1. Invest in Quality Tools: Different plants may need different levels of care in the winter. Before buying the right supplies, consider researching each plant you own. As a general guideline, you can expect to need these tools during the winter months: 

  • A Plant Mister
  •  A Watering Pot
  • Grow Lights To Mimic Sunlight
  • A Small Room Humidifier 

2. Change Your Routine: You may have a steady watering routine for the summer and spring months, but your plants will likely not need that much water during the winter! According to the botanists at Better Homes and Gardens, the winter air is much drier. This means that some of your plants will go into a form of hibernation and will need less water to keep themselves alive. When you do water your plants, make sure you are not overwatering! 

3. Get the Right Humidity Levels: Your plants will need to have the right humidity levels in the winter. Before you adjust them, however, try and find out what type of humidity levels your plants need. Typically, the humidity levels of a home can drop as much as 20% in the winter. According to the Spruce, the average plant needs a humidity level of 50%! Keep a small humidifier in your home near the plants to help them thrive during the winter months. 

4. Consider the Temperature: Along with your humidity levels, consider how hot you keep your home during the winter. The drier the air is and the hotter it is, the more likely it is that your plants could dry out. While you do not want your plants to get too cold, don’t let them dry up and die. 

5. Make Use of the Sun: While the sun may not be strong during the winter months, it can still pop in now and then! Let your plants soak up what sunlight they can during the day if it is beneficial to their species. 

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