Carpet or Hardwood?

Can’t decide between carpet or hardwood? That can be a tough choice! In today’s market, hardwood is a popular option. But what are the pros and cons of each option? Take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of each floor choice before you make a decision with your home.

The Pros and Cons of Carpet

Carpet is a versatile floor choice! Here are some of the pros of carpet:

  • Warmth: If you live in a climate that gets cold in the winter, you may want to opt for a flooring choice that can help warm the house. Carpet can make the flooring a little bit more bearable in the winter and acts as an insulator when you have the heat on in your home. It adds a lot of color and dimension to a room! Carpet is a great choice for stairs or a bedroom.
  • Insulation: While carpet does act as an insulator for heat, it also does the same for sound! If you have a lot of hardwood in your home, sounds are heard easier. But, with carpet, you will hear less.
  • Less Expensive: With the way the market is, carpet may not be that less expensive than hardwood floors. But, typically, carpet is cheaper to install/ buy!

Now that you know what the pros of carpets are, let’s take a look at the cons:
  • Dust and Dirt: Carpets are great, but they can hold a lot of dust and dirt. This means that they require a lot of consistent cleaning, like steaming and vacuuming. This can help you avoid grime build up and triggering your allergies if you have respiratory issues!
  • Nothing Lasts Forever: Carpets do not last forever, unfortunately. On average, carpet will need to be replaced every 5-7 years or so. 

The Pros and Cons of Hardwood

So, you’ve taken a closer look at the pros and cons of carpet. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of hardwood? With both of these options in mind, it may be easier for you to choose your home’s new flooring style! Take a look at the pros of hardwood:
  • In Style: Right now, hardwood floors are more in style than carpet. This is because hardwood gives the home a cleaner and more updated look! Carpet does not always date a house, but it can in certain circumstances. 
  • An Investment: Hardwood floors are known for being a long term investment for your home. It is easy to maintain them and keep them in a good condition!
  • Easy to Clean: Carpets can be difficult to clean regularly and maintain.  Hardwood, on the other hand, can be easy to clean and keep up with.

With the pros of hardwood in mind, lets take a look at the cons:

  • Cost: Unfortunately, the cost of hardwood has gone up in the past two years. It can be expensive to buy the material and pay for the labor costs! If you aren’t into DIY, this is something you should pay a professional to do. 
  • Prone to Damage: Hardwood floors are not invincible, however. While carpets can take stains easily, hardwood can scratch and get water damage. 

In the end, you should weigh the pros and cons of each flooring option. But, choose the right one for your budget and home! 

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