Pet Proofing Your Home

dog on floor

This week started off with National Puppy Day. In honor of celebrating our furry friends, here are some tips on how to pet proof your home!

How Can I Pet Proof My Kitchen?

The first step to pet proofing any kitchen is to make sure the cleaning supplies and chemicals are kept away somewhere safe. These can be hazardous to all animals, so it is best to keep them locked up somewhere they will not be able to reach it!

How Can I Pet Proof My Bathroom?

Let’s face it- animals like to get into things. Puppies and cats in particular will chew anything they can get their paws on! Including towels, toilet paper, and toothbrushes. Keep the door closed, or keep these items somewhere they can’t get to. 

Should I Pet Proof Common Spaces Like the Living Room?

These spaces can be harder to monitor since your pet is most likely to spend their time here. To keep it safe for your animals, make sure any wires or cords are pet proofed with a shield around them or tucked away. If you have a fireplace, be sure to put a screen in it to avoid any ashes flying onto pets! If you can, make sure any valuables are out of reach of your pet.

What Other Areas of My Home Should I Be Pet Proofing?

If you have a mudroom or laundry room that you keep shoes in, this is the biggest area to pet proof! Many mischievous  pets love to chew on shoes and other items that get left in those areas. Close the door or make sure the shoes are tucked away- or else they may become a pup’s lunch! 

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