5 Upgrades to Avoid

Are you looking to upgrade your home? Whether you are planning on selling your home in the near future or keeping it for awhile, upgrades are important. 

They can benefit your home’s value! However, not all upgrades are recommended. But, which upgrades should you avoid when you’re looking to add some flair and modernize your home? Take a closer look at these suggestions!

5 Home Upgrades to Avoid

Unless you are building a new home, you’ll likely want to upgrade it at some point as a homeowner. Renovations and upgrades tend to make your home more attractive and enjoyable! In the future, these upgrades could positively contribute to the value of your home.
However, here are 5 upgrades to potentially avoid:

  • Exotic Landscaping: While landscaping is important and an investment, there is no need to get carried away! Your home should look beautiful and manicured, but there is no need to spend $15,000 on exotic plants that are difficult to maintain. Be wise with how you spend your money if you are on a budget!
  • Expensive Electronics: A fridge that can remind you of when to restock your groceries is handy! That could add to the value of your home. However, some electronics and appliances can become obsolete in a few years- keep that in mind when you are shopping for both of these items!
  • Very Ornate and Specific Upgrades: While this may not matter as much if you do not plan on selling your home, some specific upgrades should be avoided. That is because if you plan on selling your home, you generally want it to be as marketable as possible for a large buying audience. Not all buyers will want your specific or expensive taste, so it may not be worthwhile to invest in something like that. 
  • Too Much Carpeting: While carpet can be a great upgrade for the bedrooms, reduce sound, and insulate rooms, it is not always ideal! Some parts of your home, such as high traffic areas, are best left uncarpeted. Invest in materials like hardwood or stone instead!
  • A Wine Cellar: While this upgrade may appeal to some buyers, it is not a universal upgrade! Wine cellars generally only appeal to wine enthusiasts, so it may not be beneficial to add this upgrade.

Consult Your Realtor in Encinitas

Do you have questions about what upgrades to invest in? If you are looking to sell your home in the future, don’t waste any time! Consult a Realtor in Encinitas and learn more about the types of upgrades that can positively impact your home’s value. 
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