Choosing the Right Listing Agent in Cardiff

When you’re trying to sell your home, a listing agent is extremely important to the entire experience. The person of Cardiff that you select as a listing agent will be in charge of marketing your real estate, finding a listing price, preparing the home for the sale and finally negotiating the terms of the transaction.

Remember, choosing a Realtor that you know or if it is a friend – that doesn’t always represent your interest. Do a little research and receive references from different sources and also interview them to make sure this listing agent represents your best interest.

Also remember, a good amount of the commission (around six percent) when the home in Cardiff is sold will be given to the listing agent, i.e. spending time with the buyer, and trusting their knowledge and market conditions to sell your home as soon as possible.

Who do I choose then?

According to, people fall for the hook and line about complimenting your home and suggest a high listing price. However a realistic Realtor is probably the better advice to entrust.

A Realtor who finds reaching out to the customer easy and knows the appropriate marketing plan as well as a good understanding of what the neighborhood has, have the experience you need to sell your home in Cardiff. These listing agents can also assist you by providing you how to spruce things up a bit around the real estate without overspending.

If you figure out that the Realtor has worked with different homes in your neighborhood, ask them how their experience was with these Realtors.

Frequently Asked Questions for listing agents

When you interview the listing agent, they have a presentation in what they will do and how they will accomplish it. Here some of the questions you should ask during this interview with the listing agent from Cardiff:

  • Are you a part of the National Association of Realtors?
  • In the last year, how many sales did you make and what is the price range do you sell them at?
  • Could you tell me the difference between sales price and the listing price? You don’t want a Realtor who sells homes over the listing price.
  • How many URLs will my house be posted on and what is the strategy you’re going to use to market my home?
  • Where are you looking for buyers?
  • Tell me what you think of the condition of my house. Can you be a home stager or should I hire a professional one?
  • Can you give me any recommendations in regards to moving companies and contractors?
  • When my house is on the market, how often are you going to communicate with me?
  • Will feed back and updates be given from potential buyers regularly?

Pricing Advice

When it really comes to brass tacks though, the main conversation is about where your home in Cardiff is priced. Comprehensive analysis that compares similar homes, homes that have sold recently and the time span that house was on the market should be presented to you.

Select your agent carefully, because thousands to millions of dollars rely on them and their strategy and making your home in Cardiff sellable.

By Linda Moore

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