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As an Encinitas real estate agent I want to make sure that you get the best experience buying or selling Encinitas real estate as possible, which is why I am starting a new section of my blog called “Ask an Encinitas Real Estate Agent.”

Over the course of almost 25 years in the real estate industry I have helped thousands of people navigate through common and not so common questions regarding short sales, building credit, resources for preparing homes in Encinitas, and much, much more.

It has been my intent to answer some of those common questions here on my blog, but I know that there are questions that you have that you would like answered, which is why I am encouraging you to share those questions with me by sending them to I will then answer these questions right here on my Encinitas Realtor blog.

To get started, here are some common questions posed to the National Association of Realtors that many clients have asked of me in the past.

How quickly can I expect to be able to buy a home after a short sale?

Those who have defaulted on a home loan can find it difficult to get a home loan any sooner than two to five years, and this time frame is typically if they have a credit score of 620 or higher when applying for a loan. In some cases it can take as long as eight years if you do not have a valid reason for defaulting such as job loss, divorce, or other economic hardships.

How can I boost my credit score quickly in order to qualify for a home loan?

If possible build a portfolio of about 4 credit cards (not debit cards) and rotate usage each month. Most importantly of all DO NOT carry a balance on these cards, pay them off in full each month and make sure that you resolve any old debts. Use these cards to buy gasoline, food, and other necessities instead of large items. If you have very poor credit consider talking to a credit counselor to help you resolve this issue.

If you need help searching for, buying, or selling real estate in Encinitas please contact your Encinitas real estate agent Linda Moore.

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