Buyers Turn to Web for Encinitas Homes

Those looking to buy Encinitas homes are frequently turning to the Internet not just for the beginning of their home search, but throughout the buying process. According to Google and NAR, those looking to purchase Encinitas homes turn to online resources more than ever.

As outlined in this Inman real estate news article, a recent report, “The Digital House Hunt: Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate,” searches related to real estate have increased over 250% over the last four years. The study also found that among home buyers:

  • 52% use the Internet as their first step in the home buying process
  • 49% used a Search Engine at the beginning of their search for a home, with 40% using it throughout.
  • The majority of buyers contact a listing agent within the same day (24%) or in 120 days (40%) of starting their research.

Additionally, the individuals who took action on purchasing a home in the second-quarter of 2011 were between the ages of 25 and 34.

Mobile devices are also becoming more prevalent in clients shopping for new Encinitas houses. About 30% of home buyers used a mobile device to call a brokerage and 20% used their mobile device to locate an Encinitas real estate agent and contact him or her. Home buyers also read general home information, compared prices, and got directions to a home using their mobile device.

As more clients who look to purchase a home use search engines and mobile devices to shop it is up to the agent not only to provide the tools that they need but also to show them the benefit of contacting a listing agent directly. With so many options in the digital realm clients still require a guide through the difficult and often confusing home buying process, and with first-time home buyers making up a predominant portion of the market it is more crucial than ever to offer the resources our clients need as a real estate agent in Encinitas.

Use this link to view the entire “Digital House Hunt” survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors and Google.

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