Bone-Chilling Outdoor Décor Ideas for Halloween

Ready to have your front yard transformed into a bone chilling scene that will have people scream? Enhance your home’s curb appeal with these spooky outdoor décor ideas that will make your house the place to visit on Halloween.

  • Skeleton Campfire

Have a skeleton campfire right on your front yard! Get some logs and rocks to build a campfire. In the middle of your pit, simply hide a box fan with red and yellow paper streamers attached to mimic fire. Get some extra logs and sit your skeletons down with some marshmallow sticks and that’s it!

  • Pet Cemetery

Love Stephen King? Why not create a scene from Pet Cemetery? Get a few tombstones and cobwebs to create a gravesite on your front lawn. Then choose a few skeleton pets like a French bulldog or a crouching cat!

  • Witches Brew

Want a truly scary Halloween scene? Get a witch or three to stake on your front lawn. Situate them around a big black cauldron filled with stuffing that’s been spray painted green or purple. For extra spookiness, add some skeleton limbs into your cauldron.

  • Zombie Gravesite

Turn that plain Halloween gravesite up a notch with a few added details! With some soil, make a rectangle in front of each tombstone so they look like fresh graves. Then get some zombie limbs and bury them in the soil so it looks like zombies are escaping!

  • Quarantine Zone

Make your home look like a quarantine zone by littering your front lawn with danger signs that warn bystanders of the impending doom they face inside. If you have front facing windows, cover them with bio-hazard tape.

  • Murder House

For something a little more simple, get some bloody window clings to make your home look like a recent murder scene. If you have a stair entryway, use police line tape to block the entrance for added effect.

  • Skeleton War Remains

Make your front lawn look like the last battle in a skeleton war! Get some skeleton heads and stick them on top of some stakes as a warning to passersby. Get some stage blood as well to coat them.

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