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There was a new book recently released by Olivier Dalle entitled, La Jolla/92037, that highlights many La Jolla homes and the joy of living in the area.  This book builds on the already sizable mystique that surrounds living in La Jolla.  Dalle has lived all over the world and has finally found what he calls home.

The entire book plays off of the fact that La Jolla has such a close feeling of community it is like no other place in the world.  However, he admits that he has found the same neighborhood “loyalty” in the surrounding suburbs as well.  The author says that when he tried to get book stores in Encinitas and Del Mar to carry the book they told him to come back when they had a book about their towns.  What a great place we live in!  Where else can you find such loyalty to community?

I think that the most moving thing about our community pride in California is not based on the traditional.  That is to say, many areas depend on religious homogeneity, cultural common ground or some other tangible characteristic for their loyalty.  In Encinitas, La Jolla and other places, this pride is based purely on people’s love for one another and the area.  I guess people here know a good thing when they see it.

This book makes a great addition to your coffee table.  It is a great way to show off many beautiful La Jolla homes and the area.  The La Jolla homes Dalle covers are only a small piece of the amazing La Jolla homes out there, many of which are available now!  It can be a great conversation piece as its format is thought provoking and interesting.  It uses numbers that have significance to the area, but not in the obvious sense.  For instance, the number 27 is used to demarcate the number of publishers who turned down Dr. Seuss.  Such a great concept.

Our little section of California is so steeped in history that you could learn things like this every day without ever running out of new information.  It is not just a history of “important” people in the political or social sense, but people who have made life here what it is.  Which is great, for the record.  However, we have a great history of people who are important in the political and social sense as well.  We truly have an amazing area here.  One to be proud of.   Olivier Dalle agreed and was moved to write a book on the subject.  Now, how many areas do you know that make such an impact on international audiences that they are moved to publish books about the “feel” of an area.  I am so blessed to be able to work in an area that is literally a phenomenon!

So, seems like it is another great day in beautiful Encinitas.  Maybe so great one of you will be moved to write a book about it!  That may not be likely, but I am sure some of you are moved enough to do just that, move here.  Everyone wants to be part of the phenomenon that is living in this beautiful area.  It makes my job so much easier when I am helping people do something that, as I discussed yesterday, is so smart, and as I am discussing today so fun!  Nothing better than doing something so great for a living.

It is funny how over that last few days I have been seeing so much confirmation of how I feel about the area.  I assume that I am biased because I live here, and make a living helping other people do the same.  However, the news is littered with people saying the exact same thing.  Many of whom do not have an agenda of any kind.  I am sure what I say can be taken with a grain of salt since I live here, but just look at the news, at the media in general, it is full of people saying that the time to buy a home is now and that the place to do it is here.  I get to speak truth all day and do what I love.  Like I said, another good day.

I recommend that people take a moment to check out this new book about the area.  It is fun and will give you an idea of what it is like to live in this area, not just La Jolla, as it applies to the whole area!  It is a great opportunity to see some beautiful La Jolla homes.

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