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A recent survey of homeowners and renters finds that owning Encinitas houses is preferable to renting them.  Over 95 percent of homeowners and 72 percent of renters agreed that in today’s economy, owning a home makes more fiscal sense than renting.  In fact, 93 percent of owners said they would buy a home again rather than rent.

When purchasing a new home a major consideration is your fiscal future.  Encinitas houses provide a great investment.  In Encinitas, houses are more affordable than ever and there are many to choose from.

Encinitas Houses

This survey brings to the front a very important issue in real estate today: Does it make sense to buy right now?  There are so many people out there with conflicting viewpoints and very persuasive arguments.  However, this survey asked the people themselves.  They overwhelmingly agree that purchasing a home is the best choice.  Who better to comment on this issue than the people who are going through it right now?  These people are not crunching theoretical numbers or looking at market trends.  They are dealing with their decision to purchase a home every day, and through many economic conditions.  Still, they say that owning a home is a decision they would make again in a heartbeat. Plus, many of them are not even living in beautiful Encinitas!  I think we can safely be even more confident and happy than most.

So often today we lose sight of what really makes sense at a brass tacks level.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in the media frenzy that the housing market has gone crazy, and that people are losing their investment real estate.  It is refreshing to see a survey come out in which those homeowners, who are quoted without being consulted or spoken to in the popular media, get to really speak up.  I hear what they are saying loud and clear.  IT IS SMART TO BUY HOMES, and they would do it again in a heartbeat.  Of course, if you are going to buy houses, you should buy Encinitas houses – it goes without saying.  Who would not want to live here?

It is funny how much public opinion can differ from the picture presented on TV and in the newspapers.  We have to listen every day how the housing market is up and down, a shaky investment and a scary proposition.  Yet, when we dive into the real public we find that they are stoic.  They say they could not be happier with their purchase, and they do not know what the heck the TV has been talking about.  It is a great time to own a home, and a great time to buy one.  I get the pleasure of meeting with people all day long who already know this fact, but it is amazing how many people are still out there that think the opposite.

This survey really falls in line with what I hear from people I have the pleasure of working with every day.  To be honest, sometimes I think that people are only so positive because they are about to buy a new home and they are excited.  Moreover, they are excited because they are buying a home in the beautiful city of Encnitas.  Houses here are beautiful and the people are great.  Come to find out, everyone is this positive about the housing market.  Albeit, I still think people here are just a little more cheery, with good reason.  The fact remains the same, people are confident in the purchases they made in the past, they are confident about the purchases they are making now and they are confident going into a new purchase in the future.  See what I mean?  Refreshing.

So take a deep sigh of relief today folks.  Encinitas homes are a great investment.  Even more calming, we are all not completely crazy for being so positive.  People who have to look at their checkbooks every week when they pay their bills, their mortgages, are still doing so with a smile on their face.  In fact, they say they would do it again.  It is great to get good news.  Today the news reads: Contact Linda Moore, she will help you make one of the smartest choices of your life.

Well, another good day in the world.  Love to be the bearer of good news, and you know what?  I get to give good news to people all the time.  Today’s good news, never been a better time to buy Encinitas houses.

Encinitas homes

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