Encinitas Real Estate Better Buy than Ever

Home in EncinitasThose who have been following my blog know that now is the time to buy real estate in Encinitas.  Those reading my blog for the first time probably think that I am only saying that because I am a real estate agent, but there is all sorts of great news out there about now only the housing market as a whole, but about our great little section of the country.  That got me thinking…

I was thinking today about why people still have the impression that it is not a good time to buy real estate.  Stay with me on this one.  The media always likes to portray both sides of a story, right?  Well, since they always have to portray both sides of the story they end up giving undue credence to less acceptable ideas.  Say for example someone is building a new bridge in a town.  98 percent of the town can be in favor of the new bridge and aware that it will cut down on traffic and look beautiful etc.  But, when the news does a story they have to find someone who dislikes the idea for the bridge.  They will give him or her just as much talking time as those in favor of the bridge.  This makes it look to people who know nothing about the bridge like there is some big controversy about this new bridge.  When in fact, people are supportive of its development and the news only made it look like the story was 50/50.  I told you to stay with me now, still there?

This is what I think is happening in the housing market.  I see signs every day and even read actual scientific analysis saying that buying is the smartest move people can make right now.  There is even a lot out there right now about how Encinitas real estate, specifically, is a great choice.  I know Encinitas real estate, and I agree whole-heartedly.

Encinitas real estate

I do not think that this is some conspiracy to keep the housing market down, do not get me wrong.  The media are not my enemies.  I think that their need to be impartial is what creates this problem and that it is just the cost of trying to do a good job.  I know that everyone in our community is trying to do the best job they can, I know I am.  There are just some inequities built into a system that is designed to be fair.  Now with the internet and all of the access we have to information we can get passed this hubbub and see for ourselves what is really going on in the housing market.  From everyone I talk to from attorneys to other agents and clients, the time is now to buy.  Conditions are absolutely perfect for buyers.  And like I spoke about a few days ago, people surveyed say overwhelmingly that they would make the exact decision again, and that they have no regrets.

I do not mean to get philosophical with my post today, I just have been thinking about why more people are not seeing the same things that I am seeing in the real estate business.  I think it is only because I have the advantage of being inside of this business and I can see it for what it is.  Other people only have access to what they are given because they do not care to know more about the housing market.  Not because they are lazy, but because that is the job of people like me.  When you want to get your transmission fixed you do not learn how to do it yourself, it makes no sense.  You hire someone who knows how to do the work.  That is what I am here for.  Linda Moore is your friend in the real estate business.  You do not need to learn all of the ins and outs.  You can hire someone you trust.

Almost forgot, I was just talking to a friend from the Midwest.  They said they have feet of snow on the ground there and that it is still difficult just to park in any lot because there is not even anywhere to put the snow.  I thought you might want to know this little nugget just to make you feel better today since you live in California, or are thinking about it.  I certainly am grateful for the fact that we have all of the good thing an area has to offer and that we avoid nearly all of the bad.  It is another great day for Encinitas real estate.

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