State Primary Info for Encinitas Residents

I learned very early on that the most important ties you can have are to your local community, especially when it comes to your rights, privileges, and obligations as a citizen. No matter what your personal political opinions are, local politics effect you at home, to a degree that in many ways far surpasses the national level. It is important as an Encinitas resident and Encinitas Realtor that I stay informed on who is up for election and what propositions are being put forward at the local and state levels.

When the June 5th primary comes to California there will be a few propositions for you to vote on. I am not here to tell you how to vote on them but simply to let you know what they are before you reach the ballot box, so that you can be as informed as possible.

Proposition 28: Proposition 28 effects the term of lawmakers, specifically focusing on reducing the amount of time a member of the state legislature can serve from 14 years to 12 years. It would increase term-limits for those serving in the Senate or Assembly from 8 years (2 four-year terms) and 6 years (3 two-year terms) to 12 years.

Proposition 29: Proposition 29 would increase the tax on cigarettes from the current rate of $0.87 per pack up to $1.00. This would raise about $735 million in revenue, which would be used for smoking and cancer research and tobacco law enforcement.

Whatever your personal opinions are, make sure you make them heard during the state primary.

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