Cleaning a Small Home

Sometimes having a small house or apartment can feel like curse. You don’t have much space to host friends and you feel like you are lacking in storage. However, when it comes to the area of cleaning, having a small home or apartment is a blessing and not a curse. Here is why you should love cleaning a small home:

1)      You save a lot of time. The less space there is, the less time you will need to spend cleaning it up.

2)      You already know where everything is. In large homes, things are usually hidden in some tucked away corner of your residence but that won’t be the case in a small house because there are no tucked away corners.

3)      A little goes a long way with a tiny home. Making your bed or sweeping the floor can make a huge difference in a small home so the deep cleanings required in larger homes aren’t always necessary for company.

4)      You save a lot of money cleaning a small home. If there is less space, then there are less rooms to clean and that means less needs to be spent on cleaning supplies.

5)      Dusting is an absolute breeze. You might even run out of thinks to dust which means more time for Netflix!

6)      You can do a deep cleaning in one day instead of blocking out an entire weekend for the task.

Small homes are great because just by doing a few simple tasks every morning and evening, your place can look spick and span all the time. Try these morning and evening routines to keep your small space clean at all times:

Every Morning

Make the bed: doing this every morning can actually make you happier.

Do a five-minute pick-up right before you leave the house.

Every Night

Sort your mail

Wipe down the counters

Handle the dishes

Put your clothes away


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