Clients Weigh In on Linda Moore

A new feature on Linda Moore’s real estate website are the Video Testimonials provided by real clients of Linda Moore.  On these testimonials, words such as “professional,” “efficient,” “punctual,” “excellent,” “dedicated” and many, many more impressive adjectives are being used to describe Linda Moore and her work. Linda has been working in real estate in San Diego for over 20 years and she has provided so much to her clients, whether they have bought a home or sold a home in San Diego County.


Linda Moore makes herself available to her clients regardless of the time of day or night so that you can rest assured that whatever questions, comments or concerns you may have will be addressed in a timely and professional manner. Linda is also aware that time plays a significant role in helping people sell and buy their Encinitas houses and can sometimes feel as though it is looming over everything, yet she handles this pressure for the client so that the client need not feel that burden.


Linda knows that when you are looking to move from one home to another that time is of the essence and she respects that while making sure it does not affect the best possible outcome negatively. Linda knows where to find the resources you need and how to access them quickly, which also has clients raving.


As a resident of the San Diego County area for 35 years Linda has built an invaluable set of resources into her business in order to benefit her clients. If you are looking for real estate in San Diego then contact Linda Moore now.

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