Couple Turned Their Basement into an Irish Pub

A couple in Charlotte, North Carolina loved Irish pubs so much that they turned their own basement into one. They meticulously planned out their Irish pub for one and a half years by reading books on Irish pubs, consulting with pub owners, and collecting antiques from across the entire world. The end result is extremely impressive. The first piece they acquired was the 150-year-old bar. Behind the bar, there is a wine refrigerator, beverage refrigerator, dishwasher, and a kitchen in the back.

Photo source: Houzz and New Old, LLC

The hanging glass window came from a church in Dublin and the pendant lights originally came from a monastery in Italy. The stools may be brand new but they were custom-made for the couple in Ireland. In the midst of the process, the couple was told about Irish snugs in pubs which are small private rooms that allow people to eat or drink away from the crowd. They then recreated their own snug near the bar area.

The flooring was pulled out of several old mills and lain in a gorgeous pattern that the couple grew to love in their favorite Irish pubs. The designers worked hard to make the new stair runners look “well-trodden” as if many customers had walked over them again and again for years. They named their pub after their beloved dog Chloe.


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