Decorating a Home Office

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Your home office shouldn’t be like your work office. It needs to be comfortable without losing any functionality so that you can still work. It isn’t a nap room, after all; no matter how much we wish it could be. Try using one of these decorating ideas as a starting point to work from:

(1)    Try embracing the minimalist style with some monochromatism. Intersperse some black and white accent pieces to make the space more cohesive.

(2)   Try a more neutral aesthetic with a lot of simplicity and random spurts of color.

(3)   Create a mood board on the wall in front of your desk, cover it in inspirational imagery and use multiple textures in the imagery.

(4)   Go with pastel and subdued shades along with vibrant wall art to give your home office a light-hearted feel.


Check out the original article here for some photographs to inspire you:

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