Creative Ways to Dye Your Easter Eggs

Easter is this Sunday! Do you have some fun gatherings planned with your family? Perhaps some load Easter baskets, a delicious feast, or an Easter egg hunt. If you have little kids in your family, then you will know how delightful it can be to see them unwrap the candy or find hidden eggs in the backyard. Dying Easter eggs is a great activity that everyone can do together and is a great way to express individual creativity. If you have never done it before then you ought to start this year. If you do it every year but are running out of ideas to make it new and exciting, then you have to check out this great link from Better Homes and Gardens: . This article has 35 different ways to dye your Easter eggs so each family member’s egg can be unique to their style. They look so cool too. You can display them afterwards around your house as a fun and colorful spring décor!

These are the six that I most want to try this Easter but take a look at the link above for yourself also and decide on your favorites that you want to try:

  • Tissue Paper Eggs

Make pretty cutout designs with tissue paper and then use decoupage paste to attach the tissue paper to the already dyed and dried eggs.

  • Watercolor Easter Eggs

Use simple and inexpensive watercolor paints to draw on your own personalized designs.

  • Margarine-Marbled Eggs

Using margarine in the dye has the coolest marbling effect. One cup cool water, twenty drops food coloring, two teaspoons white vinegar, and one tablespoon melted margarine.

  • Drizzled Easter Eggs

Drizzle your egg with rubber cement before dipping it into the dye then pull of the rubber cement.

  • Glitter Easter Eggs

Mix glue with glitter that is the color of your dyed egg and paint that on your egg with a small paintbrush. When it dries, the glue with be clear!

  • Painted Bunny Easter Eggs

Dye the eggs and wait for them to dry. Once they have dried, paint on some little bunnies so you can really show your Easter holiday spirit.

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