Real Estate Tips to Sell A Vacant House

When you have to sell a vacant house, the task initially sounds daunting. You obviously are aware of the housing crisis that has plagued the country, and especially California homes, for the past few years now, and it is a known fact that there are plenty of vacant houses across the country that are not selling like the owners wish they would. Sometimes the blame is placed on the real estate agent or listing agent because the home cannot sell, and especially if the house is vacant with a lock box on the front door.

However, having a vacant house might not be such a burden if you know some key real estate tips on how to sell a vacant house. There are actually even some benefits in selling your house if it is vacant, but it requires some imagination, hard work, convincing skills, and a little knowledge of interior design. There are of course some drawbacks to selling a house that is vacant, but they are easily overcome if you work hard and do your best to make a vacant house appear as the home of the buyer’s dream.

First, let’s look at some of the road blocks that come up when you want to sell a vacant home. There is a stigma that is attached to a vacant home, especially after the macabre of the housing crisis. A buyer will imagine a family that has rushed out of the home and is now extremely motivated to sell. Also, vacant house brings up visions of unkempt lawns, cobwebs in the corners, and boarded up windows. While there are endless circumstances as to why someone would leave a vacant house behind, it is still up to you as a listing agent to sell the vacant house no matter what.

So while you will have to overcome that stigma that is attached to a vacant home with your prospective buyers, it is still up to you to paint a picture in your buyers minds. You only have so much to work with in showing a vacant house, and before you host anyone on a tour, be absolutely sure that the house is immaculate. Take some extra time to clean yourself or hire a cleaning company to go through and give it a very thorough cleaning. Then you are just going to have to improvise with the limited room. Try describing their TV in the living room playing the Padres game while they get dinner ready and the kids work on homework in their rooms. Show them the bedrooms with your ideas for where they should place the bed and other furniture. You are going to have to bring the hidden interior designer out in yourself, but with enough detail and descriptions you should be able to start getting some ideas into your buyers minds.

There are even some benefits for you personally in selling a vacant house which you may be overlooking. You will not have to worry about scheduling a tour at the drop of a hat, and you will not be at the mercy of the sellers schedules. You can bring interested buyers by any time you like for a quick tour, which really satisfies the buyer because you are working on their schedule and not someone else’s. You also have a unique opportunity to equip the home with furniture, plants, and even live in caretakers too! There are agencies to contact about getting furniture and actual people to live in and keep up the vacant house while you sell it.

Not even the best houses in Encinitas are impervious to vacancy. The best way to sell a vacant house is with some creativity and convincing. You also must look at the positives to sell a vacant house. Selling a vacant house is a reality for some realtors, and the best ones make it a challenge to sell it instead of making it a hassle to deal with. Good real estate agents can think on the fly and are always able to come up with the right thing to say to help convince a buyer to sign the contract and buy the house. Selling a vacant house is tricky, but with these helpful real estate tips, you can sell your vacant house faster and for more money!

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