DIY Christmas Decorations from Good Housekeeping

Many families have gathered Christmas decorations over many years and sometimes over generations. However, if your family weren’t hoarders or you are just starting out away from your family then you might not have ten boxes filled with Christmas decorations just sitting in your garage. If this is your situation, then you might need to spend some time on DIY decorations instead of spending your entire Christmas gift budget on fancy and pricey decorations. Here is an article with 60 DIY ideas from Good Housekeeping:

Some of them are as follows:

  • Put an untrimmed spruce next to your front door on the outside porch
  • You can adorn the windows with mini wreaths
  • String up stars made of metal or paper or wood to the ceiling
  • Put garland everywhere
  • Make your own advent calendar
  • Hand ornaments from the stairway banister
  • Make a candy filled centerpiece or an ornament filled one
  • Make stockings out of second-hand sweaters
  • Decorate the mantel of your fireplace
  • Dangle candy canes around the house
  • Put little bells on the corners of your tablecloth
  • Display the Christmas cards you’ve received
  • Cut out simple paper snowflakes and hang them up

You’d be surprised what you can do on a tight budget.

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