Encinitas Community Library

Before the internet there was books. Now for some of you who never read a book… it’s an “offline” version of some topics you can see on the internet but with a better tactile way of getting the data into your head. I’m joking of course… we all know books. They will never go out of fashion I am sure but this will only happen if we support the experience of reading. To attract a new world of eager attendees, a library must have some cutting edge toys and be interactive. Welcome to the Encinitas Community Library!    

Located at 540 Cornish Drive in Encinitas, the Encinitas Community Library has more to offer than just reading. This vibrant library offers videos to borrow, meeting rooms to use and so much more.

Now I don’t want to take away from any other venue but where can you find such a wonderful place to spend the afternoon then a nice, comfortable relaxing and modern facility that has the fresh look?

Support the Library please. Let’s not lose in the future because of our actions of today.

If you would like to know about Encinitas or see other resources that Coldwell Banker Encinitas can provide you just visit my resource site.

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