Encinitas Summer Safety Tips

Encnitas is one of the safest places to live in California; take it from an Encinitas real estate agent who has lived here for over 35 years. But if the word of an experienced Encinitas real estate agent isn’t enough here is an interesting statistic to prove the point: The City-Data crime index for Encinitas is 147.8 with the national average for the United States being 319.1

Even though Encinitas is one of the safest places to live in Southern California, here are a few summer safety tips to help keep yourself protected during the summer months when criminals are more active, straight from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department:

– Make sure that whether you are at home or out that you keep your doors and windows locked at all times. This includes making sure that any and all garage doors and pet doors are also closed and secured.

– Make sure that any ladders or tools you may have are secured and in a safe place so that they cannot be used to gain entry to your home.

– When going on vacation do not broadcast your plans over social media networks and contact a the post office to hold delivery of your mail while you are away. If you have someone like a family member or friend you can trust to pick up your mail this is also a good option. You can even ask this friend, if they are a neighbor, to park in your driveway occasionally.

– Even when running into a gas station or store for a brief moment, do not leave your car running and unattended. Even in hot weather do not leave the windows to your vehicle down and make sure to lock your car and activate the alarm when away from it.

– For non-emergency reports of suspicious activity call the Sheriff’s Department at (858) 565-5200.

Enjoy the beautiful weather that we are afforded in Encinitas every summer, just make sure to take these few precautions while you do it.


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