Helpful Contractors For Home Remodeling

Have a remodeling project that you’re planning in the future? Wouldn’t you like to improve the quality of your house with a simple upgrade in your kitchen, bathroom, or family room? A remodeling project not only makes your house more inviting and beautiful, but it can easily increase the value of your house if you plan on selling it once the Encinitas real estate market and Carlsbad real estate market turns in these next several months. Save yourself the time and effort of looking through the Internet for remodeling contracts because we’ve gathered some of the best companies in the area for you to compare for yourself. Your dream kitchen, bathroom, or entire house is just a phone call away from any of these wonderful and trustworthy companies.

Maurer Construction, Inc.
(760) 670-4236

With over 30 years of experience remodeling homes all over the Encinitas area, Maurer Construction applies the same quality of work and effort from the smallest jobs to the largest of remodeling projects. Anything you can dream of, they can accomplish right down to the tiniest detail. So if you have a few things to touch up around your house like custom lighting installation, flooring and decks restorations, or new doors and windows, then you’ll get the same quality of service as if you were having your entire kitchen remodeled with brand new cabinets. At Maurer Construction, no job is too big or too small and the quality of their service is your discount.

Construction, Inc.
(760) 736-0191

Not only does Savino Construction build or remodel any project in your house, they also help you design the project at hand alongside of you. Whether you have a plan for an existing lot, are building a custom home, or are adding another room in your house, they’ll help you every step of the way. So be it a simple remodeling project, or an entire house from the ground up, Savino Construction is the company for you, so call ahead and ask about the free estimates and how they can help finance your project as well!

S & S General Contractor, Inc.
(760) 230-4864

For the past 25 years, S & S General Contractor has provided affordable remodeling and full construction projects in San Diego and North County. From an idea all the way till you walk through your new home or remodeled home, these guys will guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the work done. Call them about the free consultation for your project, or ask about their references and previous projects to get some ideas for your house.

CMC Home Repair
(760) 213-4055

If you have a specific remodeling project or just need some simple repairs done, then trust CMC Home Repair. Backed by their 100% guarantee, no job is too small for them. They specialize in drywall, texturing, electrical repairs, plumbing work, and tile and roof repairs. If you’ve got an idea in mind, give them a call for competitive rates and know that any job asked is a job that they can handle.

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