Holiday travel in Southern California

Cool, wet weather met drivers traveling through Colorado and the West Coast  this Thanksgiving. That’s why Colorado, Califonia and all West Coast State Troopers made safety their top priority.

Lt. Cpl. Bob Beres “The Troopers are out there monitoring not just the traffic, but the conditions of the road. As the temperature drops we’re going to check the over passes and bridges and we’ll stay in constant contact with the department of transportation. If we do need some salt or sand on the bridges we’ll make sure to expedite that.”

In these conditions, Lt. Cpl. Bob Beres says distracted driving should be avoided at all costs. Karen Johnson is traveling from Denver, Colorado to Encinitas, California and she can think of one distraction worth avoiding. She says, “I am guilty of driving and talking on the phone.” is one solution for drivers like Karen. It offers a downloadable cell phone application to help her focus solely on the road, by stopping all calls, texts, and emails. It activates automatically if she drives more than 15 mile per hour. You can also activate in manually. Incoming callers receive a message saying the driver can’t talk because they are focusing on the road.

Karen has two young daughters, and says this is ideal for her entire family. She said, “I think young adults and teenagers are more apt to try and talk on the phone while they drive or text on the phone. So I think that’s perfect.”

Lt. CPL Beres agrees saying, “Just for one second, when you look at a text message it can cause you to cross that center line or switch lanes when you’re not paying attention.”

He and the other troopers did all they could to keep roads safe this Thanksgiving. He encouraged us to do our part while heading to our Turkey Day celebrations

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