Home Organization Tips (Shred Your Sensitive Documents!)

We fill our homes with the things we treasure the most: our loved ones, hard-earned achievements, cherished memories. We decorate to suit our unique tastes and individual needs. Our houses become extensions of ourselves – that’s why finding the right one is so important. But as we grow, piles of trash, unnecessary documents and items, and other accumulations grow with us. If you want to make the most of your space and preserve the sanctity of your home, organization is key.

Zillow’s DorothyTheOrganizer presents a helpful list of organizational techniques for dealing with the paperwork that accompanies life’s red tape. Her tips include a handy system for sorting and storing documents, as well as a list of important papers that you shouldn’t throw away.

It’s necessary to purge your home of extraneous documents – but what if they include sensitive personal information? Don’t sacrifice your personal and financial security for tidiness. Join me at my office on May 7th for a free paper shredding event! A professional shredding company will be on site to ensure your safety. Check out the flier below, or follow this link for more information.





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