How to Make an Offer on a San Diego Home for Sale

Making an offer on a San Diego home for sale can be an intricate process. Learn how to make an offer on a home for sale from a veteran real estate agent.

The process of making a written offer on a home is complicated, requiring documentation that includes up to date laws and disclosures. Typically your real estate agent will have Residential Purchase Agreements or other standard forms to quickly get through this process. Whether you choose to use a San Diego Realtor or not, here are a few things  you should know about making an offer.

What a Home Offer Should Include

As your offer can become a binding contract of sale it is important to know what to include. Items that need to be included in your offer are:

  • Description and address of the property
  • The proposed sales price
  • Estimated closing date
  • Terms of sale including whether the transaction will be entirely in cash or if a mortgage is being obtained
  • Any additional provisions or contingencies that have been discussed between the buyer and the seller

The offer may additionally include contingencies for financing and inspection and will typically include the deposit you put down with your offer held by an attorney or Realtor.

For additional basics on making an offer you can visit to get more information on this complicated process or hire a real estate agent to make sure that you provide the right offer when you find the right home for you.

By Linda Moore



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