New Tool for Remodeling Homes for Sale in Encinitas

Are you worried about performing renovations on homes for sale in Encinitas? Afraid that you are going to overspend for improvements made to your Encinitas home for sale? Now there is a new tool that will allow you to compare a host of variables before you spend a dime or sign a contract.

Zillow is now offering a free web service/application called Zillow Digs that will allow you to select the kind of room that you want to remodel, what style you want it remodeled in, the potential costs of materials and labor in your area, and what you want to spend on the project.

Once you have selected from these options the application will return a series of photos of renovations on Encinitas homes that fit the criteria that you have entered as well as estimates on the work that you are looking to have done.

One of the nicest features is that the estimates on the improvements are broken down and itemized so that you can look at how much a bathtub will cost for that new bathroom or how much a new countertop will run for a kitchen remodeling.

The value of home renovations, when you choose the right improvements on your home for sale in Encinitas, have increased according to the Cost vs. Value Report 2013. According to the report every dollar spent on the renovation of a midrange kitchen increases the value of the home by 69 cents, compared to 65 cents in 2011-2012.

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