Painting Strategies for Encinitas Homes for Sale

Prepping Encinitas homes for sale? These paint strategies will act as an inexpensive fix to help entice buyers for your Encinitas homes for sale.

Selling real estate in Encinitas is all about the first impression; when a buyer walks up to your home for sale you want them to be immediately interested. You don’t want the impression of the rest of your home to be based on the fact that the front door is beaten up or dirty or that the trim is old.

Painting can be one of the cheapest and most effective ways to control the first impression your home gives to buyers. Here are some of the ways that painting strategies can help to sell a home:

  • Front Door – Repainting the front door to your home, especially if it has seen wear and tear, can help provide a better first impression. While you may run a bit of a risk of putting a buyer off by the color you choose, if you do your research you can limit this risk. What colors are most common in your neighborhood? What are the most popular and appealing colors that entice a buyer according to trusted sources. Make sure that you utilize paint or stain that is designed for outdoor use.
  • Trim– Repainting or just touching up the exterior trim can help provide a better impression. It can also give the look of the entire exterior having undergone a freshening up.
  • Use Neutral Colors – While designers may be most pleased with vivid colors, using tones that are more neutral tends to impress buyers more than daring color schemes. These neutral colors will also help to present your home as a blank canvas that the buyer can envision themselves in. Neutral colors work for both exterior and interior purposes.

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By Linda Moore

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