Comparative Market Analysis on Encinitas Homes

A comparative market analysis is crucial to knowing how your home for sale in Encinitas stacks up against its competition.

When you are looking to sell your home in Encinitas, your Encinitas real estate agent will perform a comparative market analysis (CMA) in order to find the highest asking price you can get on the open market. Here are some of the aspects that go into the CMA.

  • Part of the CMA will be all of the facts about your home, including how many bedrooms it has, the number of bathrooms, the square footage of the house and property, and desirable amenities. Your Realtor will then attempt to find comparable property and homes that have been on the market within the last year to help determine what the asking price should be.
  • The listing agent will take a look at some of the more subjective features of the home that may really appeal to buyers on an emotional level.
  • Your real estate agent will also be able to call on his or her extensive experience in this area, something that most who are performing a “for sale by owner” transaction will not be capable of doing.
  • Discussing with your agent what you hope to get out of the transaction is crucial. If there is a specific price that you realistically cannot afford to list under due to your mortgage for example it is crucial that your agent have this information for the comparative market analysis.

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