“Price Whisperer” May Serve as Helpful Tool for Home Sales

A new tool known as the “Price Whisperer” from Redfin may help you gauge the right price for your home for sale.

Performing the proper research to price your home is a big part of selling. Part of this is looking at the current market and examining how much similar homes that have sold for in the area. Redfin is now offering a great tool for helping to crowdsource how much you can get for your home.

The “Price Whisperer” tool allows you to email as many as 250 buyers that use Redfin to see if they would purchase your home at the price you list it for. The email includes several pictures of the home as well as basic information such as square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. In roughly 48 hours Redfin reports back and lets the seller know how many buyers were interested in paying the listed price for that property.

In an article from Inman News, Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman pointed out how this tool should NOT be used to list off MLS and that it is important to continue using a real estate agent to market and sell the home. Still, this can serve as an amazing tool to help figure out pricing on your home for sale.

The best tool for all aspects of selling your home is a real estate agent with the experience, knowledge, and talent needed in the market. Make sure that you have the right San Diego Realtor to help you get your home sold.

By Linda Moore


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