Staying Organized While House Hunting

Between visiting open houses, making sure your paperwork is in order and trying to manage your daily life, buying a home can be overwhelming. The key to keeping your sanity during this time is staying organized.

If you are on the hunt for a new home, consider these tips to stay organized and on top of things.


Before you even begin your search, create a list of priorities. This list should include all of the things you require your new home to offer at the top, followed by less important features. For example, families usually prioritize the number of bedrooms and bathrooms over creature comforts like a fireplace. This type of list can help you narrow your search, and give your realtor an idea of exactly what you are looking for.

Create a Search Radius

Part of finding the right home is factoring in how it will affect your daily routine. Places that you visit on a regular basis like work, school and local haunts should contribute to your decision. Do you really want to look for a home that will add an hour to your daily commute? Is it worth narrowing your search to find a home that is closer to your job? These are questions you should ask yourself when looking for a new home. Remember, buying a home means you are permanently committing to the travel arrangements.

Document Your Search

Many people view multiple homes when house hunting, and sometimes it is difficult to keep each one straight in their minds. As you begin your search and start looking at homes, it’s a great idea to document each one. Take detailed notes and photographs that you can review later on. Make note of the things you like about a home, but also the things you don’t like. This will help you narrow your decision, and provide a visual representation that your memory cannot.

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