Should You Write a Letter to the Seller?

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Writing a letter to the seller has many positive benefits, but it is not necessary to purchase a home. The necessary documents to purchase a home are:

  • Pay Stubs
  • Proof of Employment
  • Employer Contact Information
  • Tax Documents
  • Debt Information and Bank Statements
The home buying process can be stressful, but give yourself a leg up and gather the documents you will need to get approved! The exact paperwork to purchase a home may vary on your lender and state. But is a letter to the seller needed? 

Why You Should Consider Writing a Letter to the Seller

You are by no means required to write a letter to the seller if you are looking to purchase a home. However, in today’s market, it could provide you a unique edge. The housing market has now shifted into a seller’s market, meaning that there are not enough homes for the buyers that are looking. With inventory so low and competition so high, it can be difficult to secure a home. That’s where a good Realtor and a letter to the seller can come in and save the day!

How Can I Write a Letter to the Seller?

A letter to the seller should not be long or whiny. Instead, a letter to the seller should act as a tool to make yourself stand out among the other buyers. You can purchase an online template to write the letter. Or, you can write it yourself! Appeal to the seller by divulging a little bit of personal information. Let them know how you plan to keep their home in good condition and tell them a little bit about your family! If you need help getting ideas of what to write about, it is always a good idea to ask your Realtor. 

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