Small Bathrooms Can Still Be Stylish

I found a great new website on interior design called HomePolish! They have a great article on how small bathrooms are still worth putting design effort into. When decorating your home, bathrooms tend to be the afterthought since they are usually the smallest rooms in the house. And some of us have even smaller bathrooms than the rest. However, designing a small bathroom can make the space look significantly bigger. HomePolish says there are special aesthetic tricks to make it seem larger and more spa-like.

Adding extra mirrors to a small bathroom can make the space appear much larger. A lot of the color white on the walls and the cabinets can make the bathroom look particularly clean. But you can spice up the white color palette with some cool-looking patterns. Many of the examples have patterned floors but solid colors on the walls and cabinets. Sticking with a coherent color scheme makes the space a lot more serene. But if you prefer darker palettes, you don’t always have to make your bathroom white and bright. There is a great example on the article of a bathroom with wood-paneled walls and it looks like a cozy sauna.

Check out the article and take a look at the rest of the website as well:

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