The Fed’s $600 Billion Statement, Translated Into Plain English

You’re probably just wrapping up at the malls and shopping centers in pursuit of the best deals in Encinitas for Black Friday but I wanted to shift gears a bit and talk about a little something more serious.  There was some news out of Washington today in regards to a proposed multi billion dollar stimulus program, and I want to make sure my readers are aware of it.

The real estate market has been affected by the down economy, and now there’s some new news coming out of The Federal Reserve.  They are about to make $600 billion appear out of nowhere in a experimental stimulus related program, affecting stock market figures, global governments and their policies, and home owners like those of you with Encinitas homes.

I’ve found this article explaining just what this new bail out plan means and perhaps what it might mean for those of us who are in Encinitas real estate.  This article from Planet Money and State should explain everything, and feel free to leave comments in the comment area below.

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