Turn Your Encinitas Home into a Haunted House

Halloween in Encinitas is just about a week away as you can tell by all the Halloween decorations on some of the houses in Encinitas already being put up. So before you get your kids ready for some Halloween trick or treat and lots of fun collecting candy, you better get your Haunted Encinitas House prepared for Halloween parties or trick or treaters next Sunday. Here’s a few quick fixes you can do to your Encinitas home or Carlsbad home to get prepared for the ghosts, ghouls and goblins prowling through the streets on all Hallows Eve!

  • Lights are important for turning your Encinitas house into a Haunted House. Be sure to dim the lights, swap some bulbs for black light bulbs, or even light some candles for the ambiance of a Haunted House. Be cautious with the candles and be sure they are in no danger of children or dangling upholstery.
  • Spread creepy crawlies around your home. Go to a party store or the grocery store and buy plastic spiders and spread them EVERYWHERE in your home. Hang some ghosts from the ceiling, place skeletons in closets or around corners, and put a bat or two hanging from doorways to really surprise and spook your Halloween guests!
  • Carve some Jack-O-Lanterns and place them outside of your house or in the windows to peek outside at guests.
  • Convert your home into an abandoned Haunted House by placing some cobwebs from the store in the corners of your home, or go even further and put white sheets on your couches and chairs to resemble an abandoned home. Want to make your Haunted House look even older? Sprinkle baby powder on the sheets to make it look like no one has been in your home in decades!
  • For a little extra money, you can splurge on a smoke machine or fog machine, a strobe light, or even a few CDs with spooky Halloween music and sounds to get a more complete feeling of a Haunted House.

Just have some fun with your Encinitas home this Halloween and make it a frightfully fun night!

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