What to Look for at an Open House

So, you’ve started your journey to becoming a homeowner. You’ve hired the right Realtor, but now it is time to start visiting open houses and get the ball rolling. But, what should you look for when you are visiting an open house? Your Realtor may have a few ideas, but there are some you should keep in mind!

What to Keep an Eye Out for at an Open House

When you go to an open house, you may think of the obvious- look for small rooms, cosmetic issues, etc. But what else should you keep an eye out for at an open house? Take a closer look!

  • Damages: You should be looking for any damages beyond normal wear and tear. If the house is significantly older, don’t mind the small cosmetic issues that you can fix, like chipped paint. Instead, you should be on the lookout for rust on any exposed pipes, as well as any sign of water damage. Take a look at the baseboards in the basement- are they stained? Keep an eye out for this!
  • The People Around You: Your neighbors will matter! You do not want to live next to people that you do not get along with. If your dogs are not friendly, it may not be best to live next to a house with a lot of kids, etc. Additionally, take a look at how the neighbors maintain their home. Are there things in the yard thrown about? Are the trash cans well maintained? Too many cars parked on the street? Keep an eye out for the neighbors and find out more about the area. 
  • Other Buyers and Offers: In this day and age, there could be over 50 people at an open house. Be mindful of the other offers and buyers! Ask your Realtor how your offer can stand out in a crowd when it is a seller’s market.
  • The Area: Before you visit an open house, take a look at the area. What are the schools like? Are there shopping places nearby? Will your commute to work be long? If these factors are important to you, then keep these things in mind when you are looking to visit a few open houses this weekend.

Let Your Realtor Guide You

If you picked an experienced agent, they will know the market well and how to navigate it! Don’t hesitate to ask questions! You hired a Realtor to guide you through the process so you do not have to do it alone. 
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