What You Need to Know About Homes for Sale in Encinitas

I can attest that Encinitas real estate is being devoured by the market; it seems like every time I list homes for sale in Encinitas someone is there to make an offer on it. In order to get the Encinitas real estate you want there are a few things you should know about the market to help you prepare and achieve that goal.

Prices Are Expected to Improve

Prices are already starting to rise and are expected to continue on this path. This makes getting a home for sale in Encinitas right now attractive to buyers, as they can expect their Encinitas homes to appreciate in value. The California Association of Realtors expect prices to improve by 5.7% in 2013, with other forecasters are predicting more moderate growth.

Rates Will Stay Low

The federal government is working to make sure that interest rates on loans stay low, which means that buyers can expect to lock-in historically low interest rates on their home loans, but credit will be more important than ever.

Good Credit is A Must

Many renters have found that actually buying real estate would be cheaper than renting, but many don’t have the credit to secure a loan. Stabilizing your credit and increasing your credit score is a must if you want to have a chance to compete with other buyers in a competitive real estate market. Mortgage lenders will also be looking closely at your debt-to-income ratio, making sure that you can afford the payments on the mortgage.

While the market is currently very competitive, if you keep these factors in mind and have an agent to help you secure real estate in Encinitas and guide you through the process you will be able to find and buy the perfect home for you.

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