The Detox Series: Detox and Declutter Your Body

I hope each and every one of you had an amazing fourth of July weekend. Some of you are back to work today, feeling like you might have indulged a little bit too much over the long weekend. I understand, I am in the same boat. All the rich holiday foods can be a bit rough on the body leaving you feeling bloated and sluggish. Recently, I have been on quite a health kick so I decided that I would do a little mini-detox after the long weekend to feel a little bit better. Then I thought why not turn it into a mini blog series about detox your body and detoxing your home. Today’s blog post will be about pressing reset on your body by clearing out the toxins and Friday’s post will be about clearing out the “toxins” that might be filling up your living space.

For this post, I turned to one of my favorite health websites called MindBodyGreen. I found this great article which describes 17 ways to rid the toxins from your body. They explained in the article that the best way to get rid of the toxins in your body is to activate the four elimination systems:

  • Gastrointestinal: liver, gallbladder, colon, and the whole GI tract
  • Urinary: kidneys and bladder
  • Respiratory: lungs, throat, and sinuses
  • Skin and dermal: sweat, sebaceous glands, and tears

Here are just a few of the great ideas the article offers:

  • Chlorella or Spirulina

Both of these super greens will help in the detoxification process of heavy metals in your body.

  • Sweat ‘Em Out

You can activate all your organs of elimination simply by working up a sweat with some form of exercise that you enjoy.

  • Water

Drinking tons of water will help flush a lot of the toxins out of your body. Aim to consume half your body weight in ounces every day you are on the detox plan.

  • Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Avoid nightshades as they can cause inflammation. Nightshades includes veggies such as eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes.


For even more helpful tips, check out the original article below:

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