7 Tips for Home Buyers in the Spring

As we move towards Spring 2014, we enter a time of a very lucrative market in, but the inventory remains low for real estate in Oceanside. As experts expect an increase in the housing market, many people in this season are trying to find their dream home.

It could be very frustrating to a buyer, while for Realtors, we are having great competition. A home in Oceanside in good condition, that is also priced well, will attract offers. How does a home buyer position themselves so that they receive the best offer?

According to an article in patch.com, these are seven tips in which you need to take into consideration when buying a home in Oceanside.

  • Make sure the offer you receive is not only affordable, but reasonable. You have to provide a pre-qualification letter with your offer, and if the offers on the home in Oceanside are abundant, you may have to pay full price or close to it.
  • The best way to show your commitment is if you increase the price with several offers. If you don’t qualify for a loan, the home in Oceanside doesn’t pass inspection or if you find yourself in a bind when applying for a mortgage, you will have your money returned to you.
  • The number one reason the seller decides on an offer is not always because of price. The terms of buying should be kept simple because home buyers in Oceanside want to know exactly what they’re getting into.
  • Be skeptical of contingencies
  • A Realtor will search for the seller’s wants and their motivation behind what they are looking for. Once all of the foresaid questions are answered, you could find a way to structure of your offer.
  • Foreclosures usually have sellers that may not be emotionally attached to their home in Oceanside, however if the Realtor shares details of previous owners, it could alter your the influence of the real estate.
  • If you are ecstatic of what you’re seeing in the seller’s home, reach out to the home seller. Maybe write them a letter and inform them of the emotions you felt. Sometimes sellers will decide in your favor – if in fact there are multiple suitors – if you show a deep sentiment to the much sought after home for sale in Oceanside.

By Linda Moore

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