Football Preseason in San Diego is Coming Soon!

If you are like many people living in a San Diego or Encinitas home, your have attended a few baseball games this summer. Whether or not you are a San Diego Padres fan, going to the ball park to view a game is always a fun time. There is good food to be had, laughs to be shared, and hopefully …

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Looking for Food in San Diego? Try Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria

If you make it a point to travel across the country, whether by train, car, or plane, you probably have noticed that each region, state, and city is host to its own unique traditions. It is always nice to experience the tastes and sounds found in other parts of the country, however it is not always easy or practical to …

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Don’t Let Summer Pass You By!

As the days get longer and the summer solstice nears, people cannot help but enjoy themselves on their free time. The beaches are filling up with surfers, ballparks are loud with cheers, and concert venues fill up with happy and eager music lovers. There are many awesome events approaching that you don’t want to miss! For those of you living …

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