Kick Those Post-Holiday Blues

The month of January can be melancholic for many, and how can it not be? The glitz and glam of the season is over, the beautiful lights have been taken down, and the “most wonderful time of the year,” has ended—it’s now back to mundane living.

If you find yourself feeling blue after the holidays, you’re not alone. Many people find it hard to transition back to the normal, everyday routine after months of celebration. But there are ways to kick those post-holiday blues! After all, a new year means new beginnings and new opportunities.

  • Make Plans with Friends

Once the holidays are over, your calendar may seem empty. After all, there are no more parties and no more boisterous family get-togethers. But just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean your social life has to be. Make an effort to get together with friends and try new things. Try a new restaurant or take a painting class with your girlfriends. Start the new year by exploring a new side to you.

  • Take Care of Yourself

It’s normal to feel out of sorts by mid-January. The stress is diminished, but you may still feel exhausted from a month of lively partying. Take time to treat yourself and indulge in some pampering. Visit a spa and melt away your blues. Try a new hairstyle, get your nails done, or even try skin rejuvenation to treat your skin.

  • Expand Your Mind

Albert Einstein once said, “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” By taking a few minutes every day to learn about something new, you could slowly and gradually increase your understanding of a subject. Whether its politics, social issues, or learning a new language—Duolingo provides free language courses in a fun, stylized app.

  • Volunteer

Volunteering means providing a much-needed service to others. Consider using your time to help further a cause or provide aid. Help Habitat for Humanity fight back against the housing crisis by building, renovating, or repairing a home. Help distribute food to those in need with Feeding San Diego. Or if you’re a pet lover, volunteer at a Humane Society to help animals in need of love and care.

  • Limit Social Media

Our phones are practically glued to our hands—after all our lives are contained within them. But consider limiting your use of social media browsing this year. There are quite a few negative effects of social media use, from sadness to feelings of loneliness. If you’re finding it hard to kick the habit, consider using an app to track screen time to see just how much time is spent browsing Instagram or Facebook.

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