Sellers: Use Buyer Feedback Wisely!

It is human nature to shun criticism and seek praise. That’s one reason it is sometimes difficult for sellers to listen to negative comments about their homes, even when a property languishes on the market for too long. If you’re selling, you are bound to receive a few comments from buyers who are “gaming” you in order to bring the price down. That’s par for the course, but experienced Realtors can spot a false critique from a genuine one, and help sellers use constructive criticism to their benefit.

Buyer feedback is a priceless tool

In the right hands, and used properly, criticism from buyers can actually speed up your home sale. This is especially true when a “theme” emerges among comments that prospective buyers make. If a half-dozen people who view your property note that it “looks unkempt,” or “appears untidy,” then you know what to do. Bankrate has rounded up a few tips about how to use buyer feedback to your advantage as a seller, and how to distinguish constructive criticism from price plays. Here are a few of Bankrate’s suggestions:

  • An experienced Realtor will be able to spot a price-negotiating comment from an authentic criticism. This is where it pays to team us with a professional.
  • If you have someone living in the property while its being shown, make sure they are keeping the place in tip-top shape for showings. Too often, renters close blinds and leave clutter in plain view at the worst possible times. Potential buyers will alert you of this problem.
  • Be proactive. Have your agent contact prospective buyers soon after they’ve looked at your property, and ask them what they liked and didn’t like. This information is valuable, because it will allow you to fix what’s wrong and do more of what’s right.
  • When common, genuine critical remarks center on something that cannot be changed or fixed, like a floor plan or neighborhood, then sellers should consider adjusting price downward.

Selling a home is a complicated process that works best when an owner is willing to listen to criticism. By taking buyers’ comments to heart, you will sell your home faster and at the right price.

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