6 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

woman with leaves

Fall officially starts on the 22nd of September, but though it is only the 1st, some autumn hallmarks have already commenced! Pumpkin spice flavor is available once again at your favorite coffee chain and you can find apple cider treats at your local grocery store!

The fall season is beloved by many, and you can celebrate early by making your home smell like autumn! These enticing seasonal scents will have you longing for falling leaves and romantic strolls on chilly evenings.

Make Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

Cinnamon is a warm scent that permeates the fall season. Make some easy cinnamon scented pinecones in just a few steps! Bake some pinecones, then once cool throw them in a plastic bag with drops of cinnamon oil. Let the pinecones sit in the bag for at least one week and you will have made your own scented décor! You can display the pinecones around your home or hang them on a garland.

Enhance Your Furnace Filter

Your furnace filter can easily enhance the scent of your home. Choose a fall scented essential oil, such as clove, fir, cinnamon bark, or rosemary and add about 20 drops onto the filter. The scent will be subtle, perfect if you don’t like overpowering aromas.

Use a Simmer Pot

Kitchen smells inevitably spread throughout your home, which is why simmer pots are perfect for making your home smell nice. For a refreshing fall scent, boil lemon peels, orange peels, 2 bay leaves, 3 cinnamon sticks, and 2 tablespoons of whole cloves. If you want a cinnamon apple scent, boil some cinnamon sticks, apple peels, orange rinds, and whole cloves.

Make a Fire Starter

If you have a fireplace, make an aromatic fire starter! Fill a coffee filter with dried orange and apple peels, cloves, cinnamon sticks, sprigs of rosemary, and lavender. Sew the filter shut using some thread and a needle and simple burn the filter when you start a fire! Enjoy the cozy scents of fall!

Make Rosemary Wreaths

Rosemary has an evergreen, energizing scent that is aromatic. Used in a lot of seasonal dishes, your home could smell like fall with some rosemary wreaths. Tie sprigs of rosemary together using twine and form a wreath. You can hang these lovely scented ornaments around your home to extend the aroma.

Use Fall Scented Candles

Fall scented candles offer the convenience of easily making your home smell pleasant with the help of a candle. There are numerous scents to pick from, and you can narrow down your choices by having a certain activity or setting in mind. You could get a candle that smells like a crisp walk through an orchard or like a sweet cinnamon pumpkin.

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