Going Out to Eat this Weekend? SD’s Best Restaurants

It’s almost the weekend! Do you have any plans currently in the works? After reading this article about the best restaurants of 2016 in San Diego Magazine, I’m thinking it might be worth it to make the 35-minute trek into San Diego. Food critic Troy Johnson gives us all his favorite picks for the best of the best in dining excellence in the city and they sound so mouth-watering I might need change my Friday night plans.

According to Johnson, San Diego is in the middle of a “restaurant glut”. There are just too many great dining options! This is excellent for us diners but not too ideal for the chefs or restaurant owners. When there are too many great options then business can’t boom because people don’t flock to one place. If one place is too busy then you can move onto the next good place. For us, this is amazing because there are countless places to try out. There is no boredom on the horizon for San Diego’s restaurant aficionados.

Here are some of Johnson’s picks:

The top of the list?

Best of the Best: Juniper and Ivy

Need something brand new?

Best New Restaurant: Bracero Cocina

Rough day at work?

Best Happy Hour: Monello

Watching your weight?

Best Healthy Eats: Tender Greens

Can’t find a babysitter?

Best Kid Friendly Atmosphere: Waypoint Public

Nervous about the first date?

Best Date Atmosphere: Café Chloe

Want a taco? When does anyone ever not want a taco?

Best Taco: Galaxy Taco

Practicing your Sommelier skills?

Best Wine List: Addison


Check out the full list here:


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